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Reviews of Vila Algarve, El Sombrero Cafe and Bavarian Castle

It's a trip through Portugal, Mexico and Germany in today's Week in Reviews.

Vila Algarve
Vila Algarve
Official Website

Portuguese restaurant Vila Algarve seems to have "delicious" food, but "exceptionally slow" service, at least according to Al Mancini. "I didn’t see another customer in the place during my first meal — nor when I returned a few days later for takeout," he says, later adding, "Slow service is frustrating enough when a restaurant is busy, but it’s hard to forgive when there’s not a single other diner in the place."

Another frustration, two pages of the menu featuring photos of dishes sans labels or pricing.

He likes the char-grilled Portuguese sardines, deboned table side; "shrimp tails," and the paella, but wasn’t impressed with the trinchado, a cubed beef, chicken or pork marinated in red wine. He says the beef "was tough." Also disappointing, the chicken espetada, which was "bland and a little dry." [VS]

Brock Radke recommends the charbroiled rendition of calamari at El Sombrero Cafe. He says, "The new Sombrero’s flavors are light and bright." Also recommended, the chile relleno, which he dubs the restaurant’s "signature dish so far." [LVW]

Jim Begley heads to the new Bavarian Castle. He recommends the potato pancakes, schnitzel with creamy mushrooms and the rouladen, which he says is "tangy and complex." [LVW]

Vila Algarve

, Las Vegas, NV (702) 666-3877

El Sombrero Cafe

807 S Main St, Las Vegas, NV 89101 (807) 762-4678

Bavarian Castle

10890 S Eastern, Henderson, NV 89052 (702) 778-2800