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Dough! Pizza Buddha Shutters at The Linq

Pizza Buddha is the first very quick dining shutter at The Linq.

Pizza Buddha
Pizza Buddha
Bradley Martin

The first shutter at The Linq has taken place inside F.A.M.E., the "Chinatown Food Experience," midway down the retail, dining and entertainment promenade.

Pizza Buddha has bowed out after less than five months in business. The corner spot served only custom made pies, no slices, and provided the sole European-inspired option within the pan-Asian themed, fast casual, concept.

Pizza Buddha was created by Mark DiMartino, the former and original force behind another Linq tenant the Tilted Kilt Irish pub that still faces F.A.M.E's front windows.

A surprising venture to revive, Pizza Buddha first debuted in Anthem in November 2012 and only managed to last one month before it too shuttered.

At the Linq, Pizza Buddha faced direct competition a few steps away from pizza rival Flour & Barley's slice serving take out window. And other than an easily missed logo affixed to the F.A.M.E. window, pedestrians would have been hard pressed to guess F.A.M.E. was serving up pies alongside dim sum, noodles and Fukuburgers.

Currently the Pizza Buddha interior space is awaiting remodeling with the menu still mounted on the wall. F.A.M.E will not be replacing it with more pizza service, but will refocus their energies on keeping the dining emporium solely focused on Asian cuisine.


3545 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109