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Tiny 41-Seat 8 Noodle Bar Promises To Feng Shui Its Way to the Top

The new noodlerama coming to Red Rock Resort in December ups its chances with Feng Shui elements.

8 Noodle Bar
8 Noodle Bar
Rendering: Red Rock Resort

That $35 million renovation of the restaurant row at Red Rock Resort is coming together. Already Mercadito and Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar are up and running, and Tbones Steakhouse nabbed a mini-makeover. Now the resort is about to land a noodles restaurant when December rolls around.

The new 8 Noodle Bar plans to feature an “authentic, approachable Asian fusion menu” with a space incorporating Feng Shui in the design elements. Chef Andy Vu, who has been with parent company Station Casinos since 1990 and was born in Saigon, Vietnam, plans to serve up Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Thai dishes, with “a special emphasis on noodle and rice bowls.”

The space itself is pretty small with room for 41 diners, broken down into 30 seats in the main dining room and 11 at the bar. Design elements include a red façade with a lattice screen, a “display of suspended noodle bowls with calligraphy,” a 24-foot piece of abstract art depicting traditional noodle throwing techniques and burnt wood banquettes with dragons roaming the cushions.

For the Feng Shui elements, 8 Noodle Bar choose a “well-balanced” color scheme that “activates the wealth stars and is auspicious for money.” The location is also described as “a fortunate site, also positive for success and relationships,” while the nearby gaming “emits fire energy and is positive for the success of the restaurant.” Dragon logos designed in metal are “positive for wealth” and a pearl in the dragon’s mouth “represents the union of heaven and earth while the dragon holding the pearl in its claws symbolizes the dragon’s mastery over heaven and earth.”

The noodle bar will be open daily at 11 a.m. and will offer late-night dining as well.