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Get Ready for Late Nite Chef Fight, Airing Nov. 29

The show based on the Back of the House Brawl comes to life on TV. Bonus: There's a party, and you're invited.

Laila Ali and Vic Vegas Moea
Laila Ali and Vic Vegas Moea

The Back of the House Brawl comes back to life as a show on the FYI Network on Nov. 29. Below, a two-minute preview of Late Nite Chef Fight with Vic Vegas Moea and Laila Ali hosting. Jolene Mannina, who created the Back of the House Brawl, brought the idea to Relativity Media, which filmed eight episodes right here in Las Vegas at the Palms back in October. Chefs cook on food trucks and compete given one ingredient. The hour-long show includes three segments with three different dishes. All of the chefs involved are from Las Vegas.

For the debut of Late Nite Chef Fight on FYI Network, Mannina threw together a party at The Bunkhouse from 7:30 to 9 p.m. on Nov. 30 with $25 food and booze charge.

Fernando Sposato from Blue Ribbon Sushi roasts a whole pig, Joseph Zanelli from Honey Salt and Made LV brings his short rib pierogies. Nicole Brisson from CarneVino, Gina Marinelli from D.O.C.G., Josh Clark from The Goodwich, N9NE Steakhouse, and Brian Lhee from Yusho, and many are expected to be at the shindig. Brisson and Courtney appear to be the competitors on the first episode that airs.

The Bunkhouse Saloon

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