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Post-Apocalyptic Themed The End Gets A Sequel

Horror-obsessed bar The End expands to the eastside.

The End II
The End II

Horror- and zombie-themed Chinatown bar The End is expanding to the eastside. Heading to the Siegel Plaza strip mall, a couple of blocks from the Double Down Saloon, The End II won't be a major production, but will feature a bar with room for 10 and four tables with five chairs each.

Set to be open from 5 p.m. to 5 a.m. daily, the target audience is the local UNLV crowd with a bonus attraction of a menu of chicken wings and pizza.

Movies and TV shows will be shown, just like at their Spring Mountain location. The original End hosts regular watching "Zombie Viewing Parties" for episodes of The Walking Dead.

First begun as The Underworld, a televised makeover on Spike TV's Bar Rescue from Jon Taffer created The End, complete with zombie-themed karaoke. The bar has since moved to a smaller location, but still features the macabre furnishings.