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Shake Shack Teases Some Ony-in-Vegas Menu Items

The East Coast cult burger joint prepares for its first West Coast restaurant.

The first Shake Shack on the West Coast is getting closer and closer to its opening day, hopefully next month, at New York-New York, and now the restaurant is teasing some of the only-in-Vegas items anticipated on the menu. Expect to find a Vegas-themed burger and a partnership with a local bakery for a one-of-a-kind Concrete, the ice cream treat Shake Shack serves.

The East Coast cult burger chain dives into the local burger wars with a 9,135-square-foot, patio-intensive space, costing an estimated $3,871,258 to construct. The restaurant takes over the former The Sporting House space, incorporating "lumber certified by the Forest Stewardship Council" and tabletops built from "reclaimed bowling alley lanes." Energy-efficient equipment will ensure "all electric usage will be offset through renewable energy credits."