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Watch the Flooding That Has Shuttered Guido's Ristorante

Guido's Ristorante has been shut down by the third flood in three weeks.

Guido's Ristorante
Guido's Ristorante

After less than a month in business, the replacement restaurant for local and celebrity favorite La Scala has shut itself down. In their first three weeks of operation Guido's Ristorante say they have suffered three separate floods and have posted video of the latest.

Located inside the Mark I Towers residential building on Desert Inn Road, restaurant owner Guido Mantilla puts the blame firmly with the building.

One of Guido's employees posted on Facebook an emotional reaction to the watery drama:

" i cant believe that hotel management of the Mark One Towers wont do what it takes to ensure the residents and guest that come to eat at our restaurant are safe from black mold!!! We only ask for the necessary repairs to the building to ensure that it is so!! Please help us Anyone against SLUM LORDS like this one!!!!!"

The Italian restaurant's nightly entertainment concept was described by Mantilla as, "LIVE MUSIC by VERY TALENT MUSICIANS from all over the WORLD! They will sing to you and make your dinning experience the best that you ever taste it!!" Comedy shows had also been added to the mix.

No new opening information is currently posted on the company's website or social media.