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A Revival for The Legendary New Town Tavern?

Once considered a rival to the Moulin Rouge, is the New Town Tavern on its way back?

Ultra New Town Tavern
Ultra New Town Tavern
Comett LV LLC

A Westside contemporary of the Cotton Club, El Morocco and the Brown Derby casinos, the Town Tavern was African-American owned and a go-to hot spot for the likes of Sonny Liston, Nat King Cole and Sammy Davis Jr. during the era of segregation in Las Vegas. And it might be making a comeback.

Located on Jackson Street, once described as the Fremont Street of the Westside, Town Tavern featured a casino, restaurant, a showroom and clientele that helped it be compared to the long lost Moulin Rouge.

Built in 1955, but struggling in recent decades, it has worn its way through the names New Town and Ultra New Town Tavern and now has a new owner. Bought in June 2013 for $227,000, it shuttered six months later. Now owners Comett LV LLC are working on obtaining a gaming license before starting the revival.

The plan is for the 7,000-square-foot Ultra New Town Tavern to operate 24 hours a day with gaming, dining, a lounge, sports book and a bar. Up to ten new employes will be hired, serving up to a maximum of 341 occupants. No showroom is included in the current plans.

The City is expected to grant Comett an extension of time to keep the gaming and liquor license grandfathered into to the business, while the owners work though the new paperwork.