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Boulder City Is About To Land a New Restaurant

Scratch House takes over the former Big Horn Restaurant space.

[Photos: Facebook]

Boulder City is on the verge of getting a new restaurant. Scratch House Restaurant takes over the former Big Horn Restaurant space at 1300 Arizona St. in Boulder City with "Real food made by hand from scratch. It's curated food. It's incredible focus on service." Everything here including the bread and even the ketchup are made in house.

The restaurant is installing a new patio and all new equipment in the kitchen. As for the rest of the renovations, Scratch House owner Charles Lawson says that for the past 60 years, a number of new owners have used the space. "Every time it changed hands it got another coat of paint, a new ceiling, a wall put up, a wall torn down, and another coat of paint — another layer of time. Scratch House Restaurant is all about fresh and new. We wanted the restaurant to reflect that."

Chef Silviu Ionut Briceag plans to helm the kitchen.

Scratch House Restaurant
1300 Arizona St., Boulder City, NV 89005