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Fremont Dollar Store Out, Fremont Social Tavern In

Hey Fremont East, you are getting another bar. Another one. Right next to a bar. Across from bars.

Just when you thought it couldn't be physically possible to squeeze even more bars onto Fremont East, Fremont Social will arrive next year to prove you wrong. The proposed 4,149-square-foot tavern will take over the Dollar Store$ shop, located between the Vanguard Lounge and the Emergency Arts center.

Owned by the Artemus W. Ham, III Trust, the project will also include a remodeling of the mezzanine to add some space. The trust owns the majority of this block on Fremont, comprising the Vanguard Lounge bar, Insert Coin(s) video game arcade bar, Radio City Pizza, soon to be upgraded with a bar at the rear, and the Park on Fremont gastropub. Missing from their portfolio is the Emergency Arts building owned by Ike Gaming Inc.

For those keeping score, across the street from Fremont Social sits Inspire, featuring the Wayfarer bar, the Roof Bar and 365 Tokyo Japanese-inspired bar. Next door, the Downtown Project finally took control and shuttered Kabob Korner and Uncle Joe's Pizza, adjacent to The Griffin bar. That downtown favorite is two doors down from the Beauty Bar, Don't Tell Mama piano bar and rounding out the block on the corner, Commonwealth cocktail bar.

Fremont Social heads before the Planning Commission in January.