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Behold, The One-Pound White Alba Truffle at Aureole

You can get a piece of this beauty on two dishes at Charlie Palmer's restaurant.

The one-pound white truffle at Aureole
The one-pound white truffle at Aureole

Charlie Palmer was in Vegas last week for the big reveal of a one pound Alba white truffle at his restaurant Aureole at Mandalay Bay. This beauty sold for just under $2,000 wholesale.

Charlie Palmer with a one-pound Alba white truffle [Photo: Aureole]

Want a piece of it? Aureole executive chef Vincent Pouessel is serving up white truffle risotto for $50. The truffles are placed overnight in a dry risotto to take on the flavor of the truffle and white truffles are shaved on top of the finished dish.

Also on the menu, a pumpkin soup appetizer with toasted walnuts and prosciutto di parma tortellini for $19; add a flurry of shaved white truffles for $40 more.

Palmer reports that truffle prices are "at the best they've been in years, so we hope to see more of these guys!"


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