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Aria Now Has Its Own Blend of Coffee

Lamill Coffee out of Los Angeles created eight custom blends for the resort.

Lamill Coffee
Lamill Coffee
Lamill Coffee

Coffee lovers, rejoice. Now you can drink boutique coffee at every restaurant at Aria. Lamill Coffee out of Los Angeles teamed up with the resort to create eight custom coffee and espresso brands.

Look for the new Aria Signature Blend with accents of nuts and dark chocolate and rich, smoky aromatics; Signature Espresso Blend with a heavy syrup-like body and full spectrum of flavors ranging from bittersweet chocolate to roasted nuts; House Blend with beans from four different countries, this blend is smooth with a lightly sweet caramel finish; and House Espresso Blend full of caramel, chocolate and nutty flavors, finished with a touch of orange peel and brandy. The remaining four are decaf versions of the above.

Each is prepared via either French press or drip brewing methods.

For those who prefer a Starbucks cup of joe, the area is rife with the chain. Find one located on the second floor of Aria, a flashier concept store featuring limited edition coffee blends in the Crystals annex on Las Vegas Boulevard two doors down from Pinkberry. A third sits inside Crystals proper. A fourth Starbucks operates in the retail avenue connecting the Monte Carlo and Aria.


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