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The Griffin To Create Their Own Silver Dollar Vodka

Jonathan Hensleigh and Aaron Chepenik to get go-head for a craft distillery in Las Vegas.

Nevada H&C Distilling Co
Nevada H&C Distilling Co
Whiskey Resources LLC

Following the final stages of the approval process scheduled for next week, Las Vegas will soon be home to a new craft distillery and they already have two special beverages in the works.

Jonathan Hensleigh and Aaron Chepenik, co-owners of Downtown bar The Griffin, are behind the spirited venture. First touted in 2011, their Nevada H&C Distilling Co. is located in an industrial building on Mesquite Avenue, a mile from their bar.

Currently in the works, the initial limited batch "Silver Dollar Vodka" and "Smoke Wagon Bourbon." Facebook postings by small distillery experts Whiskey Resources LLC show the vodka bottle comes stamped with its very own silver dollar and H&C have a "Vendome 250 gallon still" already in place.

Back in 2011 the team were only expecting to sell their wares to wholesalers, but there is no updated word if the vodka and bourbon will eventually be found on the top shelf at The Griffin.