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Ice Cream Tacos Headed to Downtown Summerlin

California's CREAM is bringing their first out of state branch to Las Vegas.


California ice cream and cookie bakery CREAM is bring its first out-of-state outpost to Downtown Summerlin. Created in 2010 by Jimmy and Gus Shamieh, their special recipes are a family secret, based around ice cream sandwiches once privately enjoyed in the Shamieh household. With nine locations located from Berkeley to San Jose, an affordable price point has also helped create a rapidly growing franchise.

CREAM, standing for "Cookies Rule Everything Around Me," serves freshly baked cookies with a full range of flavors such as snickerdoodle, turtle and lemon heaven and they also offer gluten free and vegan cookies including oatmeal raisin and the "tuxedo," made with chocolate dough and black and white chocolate chips.

The 24 different ice cream flavors range from soy blueberry, to royal caramel swirl, to strawberry cheesecake and chocoholic.

When you add three ice cream scoops, you can create the ice cream taco and further add a couple of toppings from a selection that includes gummy bears, marshmallows, cherries and whipped cream.

Also on the the menu, fruit bars, shakes, malts, floats and brownies. In Summerlin CREAM will be located next to the kitchenware emporium kitchenware Sur La Table. So far, only a "coming soon" debut date is promised.

Downtown Summerlin

1980 Festival Plaza Drive, , NV 89135 (702) 832-1000 Visit Website