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Jeff Foxworthy
Jeff Foxworthy

Jeff Foxworthy on Where He Orders the Entire Menu and What First Shocked Him in Las Vegas

"In Vegas, everything my mother told me never to do was within 10 feet of me within 10 minutes."

We've enlisted comedians, some based here and others who spend their time on the road and come through Vegas, to share their recommendations on great places to dine in Sin City for a feature dubbed Comedian Confidential.

The National Finals Rodeo always brings out the country in Las Vegas, and this weekend is no different when Jeff Foxworthy brings his Blue Collar Comedy Tour to the Axis at Planet Hollywood Resort. Foxworthy, who performs with his good friend Larry the Cable Guy, gave fans a laugh as the host of Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? and his newest show The American Bible Challenge. Expect plenty of redneck jokes and new uses for duct tape. Here he shares some of his memories of performing through Las Vegas, including plans to buy the entire menu at Earl of Sandwich.

You’re performing with Larry the Cable Guy in Las Vegas.
We’ve known each other a long time. In this business it’s very rare to make standup comedy a career. So many people use it as a launching pad for TV or movies. There’s not many people who make it their life’s work. I’ve been doing this for 30 years and still love doing it. TV and the movies were the icing on the cake.

It must be nice to be on the road with a friend then.
I always said that about the Blue Collar Comedy Tour. So many times you’re on the road alone. To do that, that was like being on stage on with our buddies.

How often do you get to Las Vegas?
For years and years and years, I went several times a year. I think it’s because my girls were in high school. I was doing two or three different things. I was spending so much time doing Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? and The American Bible Challenge. The last few years I haven’t been there as much.

I was writing new standup at three in the morning last night. I have stretches of being creative and know it’s not going to last. Monday night I’m going to a local club in Atlanta to find out is this funny or not funny. You would think after 30 years you would know what the audience will laugh at.

Do you remember your first trip to Vegas?
I think I played at Bally’s when they used to have a little improv comedy club. I remember I opened for The Judds at Caesars Palace. I still have a picture of me and my wife in front of the sign.

Did you gamble away your first paycheck in Vegas?
No, you know, my first paycheck, I was the opening act. It barely covered getting back home. I was lucky enough to watch the headliner gamble away his whole paycheck. I learned early on.

Do you have any favorite restaurants you like to visit here?
No, I mean, maybe this is an opportunity to make a new place my favorite. It doesn’t take a lot to impress me. I go to Planet Hollywood for the shot shows there was a sandwich place there, Earl of Sandwich. Best stinking sandwiches I had in my life. We did a redneck thing and ordered one of each. Now that I know that Larry’s with me, I know that’s a real possibility to do that again.

Do people approach you while you’re dining out?
Oh, God yeah. Whatever level of fame I have, they never say, "Excuse me, Mr. Foxworthy. No, it’s "Hey Jeff, let me tell you what my brother did." And I think, "Here comes a new bit for the show."

What about nightlife? Do you ever go out after a show to unwind?
No, not really. That’s why I’ve been married for 30 years. I might go up to my room and chat with my friends. My wife likes to play the quarter slot machines. That’s why I’m a millionaire. I don’t let her play more than that.

What was the first thing that shocked you in Las Vegas?
Oh, there were a lot of things. As a boy that grew up in the South with his mom in the First Baptist Church. In Vegas, everything my mother told me never to do was within 10 feet of me within 10 minutes. We didn’t have the Thunder from Down Under.

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