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TopGolf a Country Club, Not a Party Scene at MGM Grand

Neighbors raise noise concerns about the forthcoming TopGolf headed to the MGM Grand.

TopGolf Houston
TopGolf Houston

The four-level golfing, dining, drinking and pool concept headed to the back of the MGM Grand is already raising some concerns, but TopGolf is quick to assure it's not trying to be a rival to Wet Republic.

As Eater Vegas exclusively revealed, Texas-based TopGolf is readying to build a 117,000-square-foot entertainment complex on the southwest corner of Koval and Harmon. Current MGM facility buildings will be torn down, a new parking lot added and the complex will allow you to compete with others, or against yourself, by hitting golf balls at brightly lit digital targets 20 to 240 yards away.

Players can then be scored by their accuracy, explaining the source of the company's name, "Target Oriented Practice Golf." Decompressing the balls will make their flight shorter than normal, so they will never fly out over the proposed 180-foot fence surrounding the Vegas range.

TopGolf Allen, TX

TopGolf Allen,TX

After and during play, there will be bars and casual dining on offer, or right at your driving bay. The menu is described as "upscale bar food." On the roof, VIP areas feature miniature pools and room for a DJ, which is where the concerns for local condo owners are centered.

More than 100 residents of the Signature at MGM Grand looking down on the site have objected to the possible noise emanating from the pool and music scene. It is expected tenants of the Marie Antoinette apartments located to the east of the property will also have something to say at future public hearings.



To alleviate the possibility of the venue becoming a "bad neighbor," as the Paradise Town Advisory Board describes The Linq and their high-decibel music events, the possibility of any concerts hosted inside the faux-greenery of the golf range has now been formally nixed.

TopGolf is preferring to describe this location as an "urban county club" and don't see the lure of their small rooftop environment competing with the MGM resort's day and nightclub scene, or drawing in the same sort of customers.

No timetable for ground breaking or completion has yet been announced as the project continues through the approval process, but more vocal opposition is expected from nearby condo owners.

The Signature at MGM Grand

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