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Mykonos Greek Cuisine To Sun City, Sun City To Spring Valley

Authentic Greek dining is promised for Summerlin from Mykonos Greek Cuisine.

Sun City Cafe
Sun City Cafe

It's a culinary switcheroo in Summerlin with the authentic island flavors of Mykonos Greek Cuisine heading to Sun City, while the former Sun City Cafe has gone to Spring Valley.

Owner Helen Menegaki and chef Sakis Milesis are taking over the shuttered cafe's corner location and will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner infused with influence of the Mykonos Islands in Greece.

A preview menu include octopus or sardines appetizers, lunch specials of souvlaki or bakaliaros, "fried cod fish with skordalia" and main dinner dishes like Kotopoulo sto Fourno "organic half-chicken cooked in the oven with potatoes, Greek old recipe" and the "charcoaled whole fish dinner of the day — black sea bass, red snapper, lavraki or tsipoura." Karidopita and baklava have been added to the dessert menu.

Mykonos Greek Cuisine is currently only offering an "opening soon" clue to their debut. Meanwhile, Sun City Cafe has already opened in their new location, but under a new name. Chef Andrey Ariza and his his family have made a dozen mile detour and now run Bite Breakfast & Lunch at 4165 S. Grand Canyon Dr. in Spring Valley, keeping a similar casual menu and their signature generous portions.

Sun City Cafe

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