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Shake Shack Takes a Chance on a Double Roulette Wheel Chandelier

Look up!

The double roulette wheel chandelier at Shake Shack
The double roulette wheel chandelier at Shake Shack
Amelinda B Lee

Shake Shack spins the wheel of luck with its largest outpost of the empire opening at New York-New York on Dec. 29, and with it comes a new feature for the burger stand — a double roulette wheel chandelier. Decked out in Shake Shack green with icons of the brand, the roulette wheels take center stage in the dining room. And maybe, just maybe, a third wheel will make an appearance in another area of the dining room.

Note that everything at Shake Shack features branding — even the bathroom signs and the nonsmoking signs.

On top of that, Shake Shack uses recycled and sustainable materials including custom chairs and booths are constructed from lumber certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, upcycled stools made from Pacific NW telephone poles, walls made from Wyoming Snowfence reclaimed timber, reclaimed barn siding from eastern U.S. farming states, and tabletops made from reclaimed bowling alley lanes designed in Brooklyn, N.Y.