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Revealed: TV's Pawn Stars Bars to Pawn Plaza

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Rick Harrison and family will be the first tavern tenants at their very own Pawn Plaza.

Do you to "pawn it, sell it or drink it?" might be the new catchphrase you'll hear around the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop later next year. Rick and Corey Harrison, the Old Man and Chumlee, stars of the History Channel's mega hit Pawn Stars TV show, are the draw behind an under construction retail and dining concept destined to sit across the parking lot from the Pawn Shop, on the site of a now demolished tattoo parlor.

Dubbed the Pawn Plaza and enhanced by a declared budget of $2 million, the surefire tourist destination is being built with prefabricated pods, sized between 88 and 1,152 square feet. And the Harrison family is taking over two prominent sections to create all new "taverns," including one with a view.

Pawn Plaza rendering- Chesnick Scott Design

Pawn Plaza rendering- Chesnick Scott Design

On the ground floor, with the working name of "Harrison Tavern," 1,152-square-foot of bar will created by local manufacturers Xtreme Manufacturing. Initial leasing documents indicate the exact location could either be on the Las Vegas Blvd. side of Pawn Plaza, taking over three tenant spaces, or at the rear, where four retailers were penciled in.

Pawn Plaza rendering- Chesnick Scott Design

Pawn Plaza rendering- Chesnick Scott Design

It appears more likely to be located at the front of the Plaza, because directly above will be the Harrison family's second bar, a smaller 864-square-foot in size, but bolstered by a 288-square-foot balcony patio. Early renderings have already featured this deck in the design plans.

Pawn Plaza

Pawn Plaza - Photo: Bradley Martin

These aren't the first Las Vegas bars with a Pawn Star connection. Corey Harrison, also known on the show as "Big Hoss," became co-owner of Fremont East's Beauty Bar earlier this year. Further down Fremont sits the Container Park, the acknowledged inspiration for Rick Harrison's Plaza concept and also built with Xtreme Manufacturing's "Xtreme Cubes System."

The latest view of the Plaza construction site shows the area has been leveled out and awaits the cubes, plumbing and electrical work.

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