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Jackpot! Your First Inside Tour of the Vegas Shake Shack

What to look out for at Shake Shack while you bite into your first Shack Stack.

Here's what you'll spy inside the very first West Coast Shake Shake, located under an asymmetrical roof at the corner of the New York-New York resort.

The 9,135-square-foot project, with a patio built for people watching, features "lumber certified by the Forest Stewardship Council" and tabletops built from "reclaimed bowling alley lanes." In case you were unaware, the tables have been branded to inform you.

Upcycled stools have been created with former Pacific NW telephone poles, the walls are made from Wyoming Snowfence reclaimed timber and barn siding from eastern U.S. farms.

Energy-efficient equipment also ensures "all electric usage will be offset through renewable energy credits."

Look up and you'll notice a double roulette wheel chandelier, designed in Shake Shack green. There is also a "swag" wall, inspiring you to pick up a logo souvenir

Although not expecting lines as intense as found at the chain's original location at Manhattan's Madison Square Park, Las Vegas guests can opt for the less time intensive "C-Line" if they don't want a burger and only want to order frozen custard, beer, wine and drinks.