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Downtown's Courthouse Bar & Grill Is Here to Stay

A legal morass around downtown's Courthouse Bar & Grill has been lifted.

Courthouse Bar & Grill
Courthouse Bar & Grill
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Whether by choice or duress, visitor's to downtown's court buildings have a few more years to enjoy the charms of the neighborhood's Courthouse Bar & Grill.

Run by John Isaacs, the grill is the dominant dining fixture closest to the Clark County's district court building. For civilians and legal workers, the grill offers video poker, casual American cuisine and views of murals featuring caricatures of local attorneys and judges. And the grill has some recent experience dealing with its illustrious clientele.

In 2009, Clark County bought the building that houses the grill, but according to Isaacs, didn't keep an agreement to honor the terms of a five-year lease negotiated with the previous landlord. Isaacs filed a complaint against the county, which was finally due to head to trial last month. After five long years and the grill's lease about to expire, Clark County finally resolved the issue with both sides agreeing to no admission of wrongdoing.

The Courthouse Grill for their troubles will receive a payment of $150,000 for "alleged" rent overpayment and the monthly rent has been lowered to $8,867.50. The bonus is they now have a mutually agreed lease that will keep the grill in the same spot through Dec. 1, 2017.

One happy fan is County Commissioner Steve Sisolak, who applauded the two parties willingness to negotiate the new deal and became Las Vegas' newest dining critic hailing the grill as serving "great food."

Courthouse Bar & Grill

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