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Another Critic Declares 1900 Asian the Best Chinese; More

The world of restaurant reviewing in Vegas has been somewhat topsy turvy since Max Jacobson was hit by a car while walking to the gym before Christmas. He remains in critical condition, although sitting up in a chair and even smiling on occasion.

John Curtas says 1900 Asian Cuisine has the best Chinese cuisine in town, taking over that role from China Mama. "Jimmy Li's reincarnation of his now-defunct Three Villages restaurant — located a floor below the old location and with a much bigger menu — is beating MaMa at her own game."

He recommends the dumplings — but eat them fast so broth inside doesn't lose its savoriness, the hot and sour soup and green onion pancakes.

"…every dish coming from this kitchen has a vibrancy to it that is as far from your standard kung-pao-sweet-and-sour joint as Chinese imperial garb is from a Mao jacket."

Al Mancini returns to Desnudo Tacos from Christopher Palmeri and Christian Dolias. "Dolias pays attention to the smallest details, such as creating a rotating assortment of unforgettable rice and bean side dishes … and spicing his freshly made guacamole with everything from crumbled blue cheese and bacon to toasted pumpkin seeds." Try the tacos made with low-braised goat cooked with chilies and the chicken. [VS]

If you're looking for Mitchell Wilburn, he's back at Eating Las Vegas now the CityLife is shuttered. He takes a look at Crush at the MGM Grand, calling out the short rib gnocchi and the shrimp tomato risotto as standouts. "…it is certainly a big step up from 90% of tapas places, with a menu that is overall far more exciting and original than anything you'd find shoehorned into Tivoli Village or even the much lauded (for the drinks, not the food) Downtown eatery scene. " [Eating LV]

Brock Radke also heads to Crush, which he says, "feels and tastes like your new favorite upscale neighborhood restaurant, which is a little odd because it's located smack in the middle of the casino at MGM Grand." [LVW]

Erik Chudy's latest review covers Ketchup Premium Burger Bar at the Miracle Mile Shops. He says his mushroom and Swiss burger was "a completely generic beef patty; it was cooked ok but tasted like something you'd get at a ballpark and not what you'd expect for a 'premium' burger bar." Chudy says he doesn't remember being told how much his burger, fries and soda would cost nor was he given a receipt, but when he checked his account later, "Not only was the burger and fries not great, but this meal with a drink came to a whopping $16.19!" He gives the burger a 51 out of 100, one of his lowest grades yet. [VBB]

And HKR gives A grades across the board to Pizza Rock, the relatively new pizza joint Downtown from Tony Gemignani. Of course, she may not exactly "get" Pizza Rock. In her words, "Papa John could learn something from Gemignani," comparing a 4,000-plus store chain to a one-off location. [LVRJ]
1900 Asian Cuisine [Photo: Susan Stapleton]

Pizza Rock

1020 K Street, , CA 95814 (916) 737-5777 Visit Website

China Mama

3400 S Jones Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV 89146 702-873-1977

1900 Asian Cuisine

5115 Spring Mountain Road, Las Vegas, NV