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Hearty $3 Million Investment in 3 Meals at the Mirage

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3 Meal Cafe
3 Meal Cafe
Photo: Bradley Martin

The rumors were true. The long-expected three-meal restaurant to take over the former B.B. King's Blues Club will fit that formula exactly. Current paperwork even uses the working name of 3 Meal Cafe for the new casual eatery. But the project does come with a hefty investment. An estimated valuation of $3 million has been earmarked for the construction work.

The restaurant is calculating a total occupancy of 297. The blues club was able to pack a potential 598 punters inside nightly, before bankruptcy let to them shuttering the joint in late 2012.

Construction on the 9,324-square-foot footprint will be hidden by the already existing plywood. The pricey makeover include new equipment in the kitchen and the creation of a bar, most likely removing the existing ten-seat True Pour bar in front of the space.

While the name 3 Meal Cafe has been floated, there remains an option for the resort to attach the name The Pantry to this location. The Mirage trademarked that appropriate brand at the same time as Portofino, back in October 2013. Earlier this month, The Mirage re-christened Onda Ristorante as Portofino, part of the restaurant's refreshing under the culinary direction of chef Michael LaPlaca.
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3 Meal Cafe

3400 Las Vegas Blvd. S., Las Vegas, NV