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Pizza Delivery Drivers, Time to Air Your Grievances

Welcome to Open Threads, where Eater hears from the crowd. Here we try to answer some burning reader questions. Have something you want discussed by the fine readers of Eater? Send it this way.

Pizza%20Delivery%20Driver%203-12-14.jpg[Photo: Shutterstock]

Last year, Eater Vegas asked some of the city's best chefs to anonymously share their gripes and frustrations about the restaurant scene these days, then turned to bartenders, who vented about their biggest pet peeves. Now it's time to turn to the pizza delivery drivers, who can take this opportunity to share their feelings. What drives you crazy about delivering pizza? What do people do that gets under your skin? Maybe you delivered pizzas as a first job and have some strong feelings about that. Chime in, pizza delivery drivers, and get your grievances off your chest. We'll publish a list of complaints, with no names or affiliations attached, later this month. Want to join in the fun? Drop an email to the Eater tipline.
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