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Shirley Chung Dishes on Her Trip to South Korea

Top Chef alum Shirley Chung spent three weeks in South Korea following the finale of the show, and here she shares her diary from the trip, meant to help her discover her own culinary voice.

She recounts trips to the fermented and dry seafood market Whang Jang Market and No Ryang Jin Soon San fish market, ordering take out food at 2 a.m., drinking disappointing cocktails, eating amazing Korean beef and live octopus and more.

"This was the first of many trips I have scheduled. There will be a lot of travels so that I can be even better and have more knowledge from other parts of the world to add to what I can do already."

Chung says she's been approached by different groups to open her own restaurant that may be in Vegas, "but it will definitely continue to be my home base wherever we decide later this year."
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Shirley Chung [Photo: Courtesy]