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Here's What Matthias Merges Plans To Serve at Yusho

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Yusho%203-25-14.jpgMatthias Merges' Yusho is about three weeks out from opening on The Boulevard in front of the Monte Carlo, and now comes a tease of what could be on the menu.

The Charlie Trotter protege out of Chicago plans to serve up Japanese street food with seafood, poultry, meats and vegetables all cooked to order over fire from an exhibition kitchen. House-made pickled vegetables, noodles and steamed buns all make the menu.

Merges divided his menu into five categories covering pickles and relish, noodles, grilled and fried, steam buns and sweets. Some of the highlights of the menu include a twice-fried chicken made with fermented chili, green tea and seasoned with a sprinkling of lime zest; Logan Poser Ramen, a soup with crispy pork shoulder croquette, poached egg, nori and cucumber created in response to a critique that anyone making ramen outside of Japan was a "poser"; charred octopus served with green beans, crisp enoki mushrooms and topped with a light ponzu vinaigrette; marinated eggplant steam bun filled with Japanese mint, plums and broccoli; and doughnuts made with tofu, sweet potato and a hint of rosemary.

Here now, a proposed first menu for Yusho:

beets bok choy salad, shallot
octopus haricot vert, egg yolk, enoki mushrooms
tofu shiso, pineapple, prailine
shishito peppers ponzu sauce, cucumber, shallot
chicken wings thai chilli, bonito salt, lime
duck breast shiitake marmalade, scallion
hangar steak mushroom ragout, green peppercorn, nori

2x fried chicken salted chilies, lime
chicken drummies red miso, garlic, sesame
duck leg plum BBQ, herbs, steam buns
vegetable tempura daikon ponzu
maitake mushroom egg vinaigrette, farm lettuce
Japanese griddle cake squid, green papaya, thai basil

bowl of . . .
logan poser ramen crispy pork, hen egg, nori, cucumber
maitake mushroom ramen angry red ball, tofu
shrimp ramen lobster broth, bean sprouts, kimchi
crab fried rice king trumpet mushrooms, eggplant

steam buns
crispy cod cucumber, sesame, watercress
eggplant Japanese mint, plum, peanuts
grilled chub sausage red pepper, cauliflower, endive
braised pork kimchee, cilantro
fried oyster red miso, cabbage, sesame leaf

oshinko cucumber, lotus root, carrot
kimchi assortment:
sesame leaves kohlrabi + fennel caramelized kimchi

doughnuts tofu, sweet potato, rosemary
soft serve coffee, fernet caramel, pop rocks, nori
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Yusho [Photo: Facebook]

Yusho Japanese Grill & Noodle House

3770 S Las Vegas Blvd, Paradise, NV 89109 702-730-7777 Visit Website


3770 Las Vegas Blvd. S., Las Vegas, NV