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How to Buy a Sprinkles ATM Cupcake

Photos: Bradley Martin

The first Las Vegas Sprinkles cupcake store is already drawing crowds to The Linq. But for those looking for an after-hours tasting, the company has installed a cupcake and cookie ATM.

Located in the wall on the west side of the store, the touchscreen ATM is open 24 hours and includes plenty of adjacent seating facing the The Linq's fountains at the central plaza, plus tables designed with a wave edge motif, inspired by a cupcake baking cup.

Sprinkles%20cupcake%20ATM%203-26-2014%209.jpgSprinkles [Photo: Bradley Martin]

The first Sprinkles ATM was built for their original Beverly Hills store. The nationwide chain has now added them to their locations in Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas and newly opened Manhattan branch.

Sprinkles%20cupcake%20ATM%203-26-2014%207.jpgSprinkles [Photo: Bradley Martin]

Created on site, the inventory will be a changing medley of choices and the machine is restocked during the day.

Sprinkles%20cupcake%20ATM%203-26-2014%206.jpgSprinkles [Photo: Bradley Martin]

Use the plus and minus buttons to add items. There's room in the delivery box for four choices. Then swipe your card as you would at an ATM.

Sprinkles%20cupcake%20ATM%203-26-2014%208.jpgSprinkles [Photo: Bradley Martin]

The screen then takes you to the view from their live cupcake cam, providing a peek at the interior robot arm and conveyor belt selecting your cupcake and bringing it back to you.

Sprinkles%20cupcake%20ATM%203-26-2014%205.jpgSprinkles [Photo: Bradley Martin]

Only when the machine is happy it has delivered your purchase will the ATM transaction go through. One cupcake costs $4.59.

Sprinkles%20cupcake%20ATM%203-26-2014%204.jpgSprinkles [Photo: Bradley Martin]

The door slides open, et voilà.

Sprinkles%20cupcake%20ATM%203-26-2014%203.jpgSprinkles [Photo: Bradley Martin]

Throughout the prices the onscreen cupcake icon has been branded to match your choice. No generic icons. This continues to the packaging, where the ingredients label matches your particular cupcake.

Sprinkles%20cupcake%20ATM%203-26-2014%202.jpgSprinkles [Photo: Bradley Martin]

Even though the store is open from 10 a.m. to midnight and until 1 a.m. Thursday to Saturday, the ATM has already proven a popular attraction during business hours. If your preferred choice of flavor is not on the screen, head inside, where the frequent Sprinkles "whisper words" revealed through their social media channels can net you bonus gifts when you speak the secret word to the staff.
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3555 Las Vegas Blvd. S., Las Vegas, NV