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A Monster Step-By-Step Guide to The Linq

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The Linq
The Linq
Photo: Bradley Martin

At 300,000 square feet and 70 percent given over to restaurant and bars, The Linq open-air entertainment district is entering a new phase of access and openings. There is still much more to be unveiled, including the small matter of the debut of word's largest observation wheel. However, within the next two months the majority of the tenants will be open for business.

You won't receive much guidance from The Linq's amateurish, but official Web pages, full of dead links, typos and almost bereft of photographs. Curious Internet visitors don't even experience a splash home page to explain what The Linq actually is. But if a picture tells the tale, here is the first building-by-building guide to the existing district and more hints at what is to come.

LINQ%203-4-2014%203.jpgThe Linq [Photo: Bradley Martin]

The Linq forms a connection between the Flamingo Las Vegas resort and The Quad resort on either side and length ways from Las Vegas Boulevard down to the High Roller wheel. Taxi and vehicle access is located at the High Roller end. Most visitors will enter from the Strip, drawn in by the towering artfully animated signage.

LINQ%203-4-2014%204.jpgThe Linq [Photo: Bradley Martin]

Digital maps and guides are available, as are the opportunity to use these machines to take a photograph and mail to your social media sites. Note: your contact information will be added to marketing lists.

LINQ%203-4-2014%205.jpgThe Linq [Photo: Bradley Martin]

Still under construction, yet the first location you encounter, is a large bar that backs into The Quad and the casino floor. The Linq is currently working on a number of unannounced projects first revealed by Eater Vegas, including the ETG Bar, Squeeze Bar and TAG Lounge & Bar.

High%20Roller%20tickets%203-5-2014.jpgHigh Roller tickets [Photo: Bradley Martin]

Tickets for the High Roller wheel experience can be purchased at these ATM-style machines, close to the Strip. While prices have yet to be announced, the 550-foot-tall attraction will take 30 minutes to revolve. Up to 40 people can fit in one of 28 cabins. Lit up from sunset to 4 a.m. with an estimated $30 ticket price, the Caesars Entertainment group is hoping for a $67,200 potential gross income per hour. Or $806,400 per 12-hour day. The Linq reportedly cost $550 million to construct.

Starbucks%20at%20The%20Linq%203-5-2014.jpgStarbucks [Photo: Bradley Martin]

The first operation establishment you'll encounter is a Starbucks. Anecdotally, also the most popular destination when the first wave of tenants was rolled-out in December.

Haute%20Doggery%203-5-2014.jpgHaute Doggery [Photo: Bradley Martin]

Next door to Starbucks from Block 16 Hospitality, creators of Holstein's Shakes & Buns and Public House, comes Haute Doggery, a twist on a hot dog stand. Open until midnight, the menu includes the Billionaire Dog featuring a Kobe beef frank and topped with foie gras torchon, priced at $10.99.

Purple%20Zebra%203-5-2014.jpgPurple Zebra [Photo: Bradley Martin]

Purple Zebra lets guests self-serve frozen daiquiris from 20 flavors into over-sized novelty containers. Already popular, the $24.95 fishnet stocking leg cup that doubles as a coin back once the 60-ounce drink is finished.

Koto%203-5-2014.jpgKoto [Photo: Bradley Martin]

Across from the Purple Zebra sits Koto, a chain of upscale, but quirky purveyors of "gadgets, trinkets, gag gifts, quirky home décor and unique, trendy knick knacks." Prices run from a few dollars to pricier investments items such as Mondrian-inspired ceramics.

Kitson%203-5-2014.jpgKitson [Photo: Bradley Martin]

Iconic Los Angeles retail store Kitson is creating flagship store and scores with the highest visibility of any retailer from the Strip. The 13,025-square-foot, two-story space has already installed an escalator. In addition to apparel, shoes, jewelry and accessories, expect a number of special Las Vegas-themed goods. A spring arrival is anticipated.

Chayo%203-5-2014.jpgChayo Mexican Kitchen [Photo: Bradley Martin]

The Linq now turns a left corner, obscuring all the reaming tenants from the Strip. First up is Chayo Mexican Kitchen & Tequila Bar, a 2,000-square-foot restaurant with two patios and a mechanical bull. The property also permits access inside The Quad.

O%27Sheas%203-5-2014%202.jpgO'Sheas [Photo: Bradley Martin]

The entrance to O'Sheas Irish pub and casino inside the Quad sits next to a small, outdoor patio bar. This is a scrubbed, cleaned and shrunken version of the demolished original O'Sheas, sacrificed to make way for The Linq. Brian Thomas has returned as Mr. Lucky the Leprechaun and is welcoming guests at The Linq side entrance.

LINQ%203-4-2014%206.jpgThe Linq [Photo: Bradley Martin]

Next door to O'Sheas and facing the rear of the Kitson store is plywood for a bar that also sits inside The Quad. Still to be announced by the property are the location of their ETG Bar, Squeeze Bar and TAG Lounge and Bar.

Goorin%20Bros%203-5-2014.jpgGoorin Brothers [Photo: Bradley Martin]

The Goorin Brothers hat store is now open, offering styles from newsboy caps to bowlers, panamas and a whole range chic chapeaus.

12am%20Run%203-5-2014.jpg12 A.M. RUN [Photo: Bradley Martin]

Facing Goorin Brothers and also featuring a line of hats is 12 A.M. RUN, pronounced Midnight Run, from rapper NAS and Nick Sakai. This limited-edition and carefully curated sneaker boutique already expects hardcore sneaker fans to camp outside the store waiting on the debut of rare kicks. They plan to be open by the end of March.

Polaroid%20Fotobar%203-5-2014.jpgPolaroid Fotobar [Photo: Bradley Martin]

If you need a hard copy of all the digital photographs you are taking, the Polaroid Fotobar will print them up as a physical Polaroid. The second floor Polaroid Museum will feature an exhibit created in conjunction with The Andy Warhol Museum. A spring debut is promised.

FAME%203-5-2014%202.jpgF.A.M.E. [Photo: Bradley Martin]

F.A.M.E., an acronym for Food. Art. Music. Entertainment., is a two-story, 11,303-square-foot Asian market serving authentic street fare on the main floor and a contemporary Japanese restaurant on the upper level. They are aiming for a late March debut.

Tilted%20Kilt%203-5-2014.jpgThe Tilted Kilt [Photo: Bradley Martin]

The live DJs, dragon dancers and taiko drummers across the way at F.A.M.E. will be competing with the sights and sounds of The Tilted Kilt, the second Irish-themed pub and sports bar at The Linq. The breastaurant chain features mid-riff bearing and plaid bra wearing waitstaff. No timetable for opening has been offered by the company.

Bella%20Scarpa%203-5-2014.jpgBella Scarpa [Photo: Bradley Martin]

Shoes, handbags, jewelry, apparel and more shoes are on hand at Bella Scarpa in their second Las Vegas location. F.A.M.E. rests overhead and the retailer sits next to a smaller, plywood-covered space. Over the last year, Linq tenants have been proposed and vanished. Among them, a 980-square-foot Linq Liquor store.

BLVD%20Cocktail%20Company%203-5-2014.jpgBLVD Cocktail Company [Photo: Bradley Martin]

Ryan Doherty, Justin Weniger and Kenna Warner, owners of Fremont East's Commonwealth and Park on Fremont appear to have been inspired for their new bar by Downtown neighbor Don't Tell Mama. Their, BLVD Cocktail Company, now soft open, touts "martini" and "piano" on the signage and press materials describe the place as "sultry" and "scintillating." The location is across from the more macho environment and sounds of the Brooklyn Bowl.

BLVD%20Cocktail%20Company%203-5-2014%202.jpgBLVD Cocktail Company [Photo: Bradley Martin]

BLVD Cocktail includes a 600-square-foot patio and the open windows reveal the centerpiece of the concept, a piano sitting under a cloud "made from thousands of LED lights." Once operational, "during performances, catch stunning visual shows and even thunderstorm simulations."

Flour%20%26%20Barley%203-5-2014%20.jpgFlour & Barley [Photo: Bradley Martin]

With their own patio facing BLVD Cocktail, Flour & Barley pizzeria, also from Block 16 Hospitality, is well situated to serve the throngs attending concerts at Brooklyn Bowl located above and adjacent to the 3,800-square-foot casual restaurant that will also offer 50 different craft beers. A March opening is looking good.

Sprinkles%203-4-2014.jpgSprinkles Cupcakes [Photo: Bradley Martin]

Sprinkles Cupcakes, plus their 24-hour-a-day Cupcake ATM, will open on March 21. The California legends will be bringing more than 50 different flavors, plus their not-to-be-overlooked ice cream and cookies. The store is easily found by the huge glass finial on top of the building they share with Brooklyn Bowl. The glass topper shimmers and shifts in lighting intensity.

Ruby%20Blue%203-5-2014.jpgRuby Blue [Photo: Bradley Martin]

More indulgences can be found across the promenade from Sprinkles at Ruby Blue. The sister to Bella Scarpa, and also a fellow Mandalay Bay tenant, Ruby Blue serves up "sparkly jewelry, blinged-out accessories, adult games, gifts and an arsenal of provocative lingerie. "

LINQ%203-4-2014%207.jpgThe Linq [Photo: Bradley Martin]

Next door to Ruby Blue is more plywood. A possible candidate for tenancy is the Vanity Style Lounge, a blowout bar, featuring an actual bar serving up Vanity's signature drink, the "Vanitini". While The Linq pushes the "voluminous, Victoria's Secret-style blowout" concept, the full range of amenities runs to "11 Styling Stations, 6 Pedicure Chairs, 6 Manicure Stations, 4 Make-Up Stations, 1 Wax/Spray Tanning Room."

Ghirardelli%203-5-2014.jpgGhirardelli [Photo: Bradley Martin]

Ghirardelli have created a classy little chocolate shop, also ready to scoop up ice cream, milkshakes, floats and chocolate drinks.

Brooklyn%20Bowl%203-4-2014.jpgBrooklyn Bowl [Photo: Bradley Martin]

The monster entertainment magnet for The Linq is the 78,000-square-foot Brooklyn Bowl. Part real bowling alley, part concert hall and part restaurant from the creators of Blue Ribbon. The influence of their original venue in New York is already evident from Coney Island-inspired art and a hangover of jam band bookings reminiscent of their East Coast locale. Opening March 8, the mid-strip placement and much-anticipated American casual menu featuring wings, pizza, catfish and barbecue mark this as a powerhouse addition to the Las Vegas Strip.

LINQ%203-4-2014%209.jpgThe Linq [Photo: Bradley Martin]

Across from the Brooklyn Bowl, more non-descript frontage, which may also hide some of the backstage maintenance and mechanics of the The Linq. However, the district still has room for more bars and dining spots. Eater Vegas confirmed months ago that once-proposed tenants The Stomping Grape and Off The Strip Bistro are not joining the party. Nor is The Foundry, a beer garden idea with a roof patio from Project Pie creator James Markham.

Chilli%20Beans%203-5-2014.jpgChilli Beans [Photo: Bradley Martin]

The last independent retailer before the High Roller, Brazilian eyewear company Chilli Beans brings their glam glasses, plus a range of accessories including a broad selection of watches.

Yard%20House%203-5-2014.jpgYard House [Photo: Bradley Martin]

Yard House is now in business with the best dining views of the High Roller. The third Las Vegas location for the popular chain also features a promenade level bar offering drinks to go, like margaritas and mules. The two-level restaurant hosts an upstairs and downstairs patio, plus 160 taps of imported, craft and specialty ales and lagers.

High%20Roller%20entance%203-5-2014.jpgHigh Roller ticket office [Photo: Bradley Martin]

The entrance and ticket office for the High Roller faces Yard House, perfect for those waiting for their chance to ride the big wheel.

Sky%20Shop%203-5-2014.jpgSky Shop [Photo: Bradley Martin]

And what would a world class attraction be without a gift shop? The Sky Shop offers a range of branded items, plus many more Las Vegas-themed goods and a plethora of Doritos style snacks and bags of candy. Expect the wheel to be turning full-time before the end of April.
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