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Tony Hsieh Spikes Desserts at the Gold Spike?

Gold Spike Grill
Gold Spike Grill
Photo: Susan Stapleton

It's a rough month of pubic relations for the culinary investments attached to Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh. First his Container Park project loses Pork & Beans, The Beatnik and The Boozery. Then the wheels fell off the Hsieh-endorsed, funded and approved gluten-free pizza menu at Wild, located downstairs from his penthouse pad at The Ogden.

Now comes a tale from the pseudonymous op-ed contributor Comrade Grumpy of Vegas Seven, who dishes that dessert has been removed from Hsieh's Downtown Project-owned Gold Spike. Citing an an unnamed waiter as a source, we learn "he doesn't believe in dessert." With discounts, promotions and a company-friendly atmosphere, the Gold Spike has become the de facto club house for Zappos workers stationed down the block.

A check of the current Gold Spike Grill menu confirms the 24-hour cafe has indeed removed all traces of dessert. To compare, a still online 2013 menu features a compact, but solid list for sugary fixes, like a cookie plate, apple tart, six-layer chocolate cake and a namesake Gold Spike cheesecake.

Hsieh and his Downtown Project haven't completely abandoned investing in the sugar market and are still backing the future O Face Doughnuts set to debut later this month at the John E. Carson Hotel.
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Gold Spike Grill

217 Las Vegas Blvd. N., Las Vegas, NV

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