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The Cromwell Will Soft Open, Giada Will Not

Rendering/Photo: Caesars Entertainment/Bradley Martin

For days, The Cromwell's new staffers have been sharing on social media news of an imminent soft opening of the casino floor and the long-awaited first look at the upscale transformation of the down-market Bill's Gamblin' Hall.

Indications point to a public test running of the property as early as April 21, although that remains fluid. The slot machines have been lit and functional for some time and the ground floor has received a full Certificate of Occupancy. The Strip-facing front entrances are still hidden behind plywood and chain fences, while the rear valet is a current hive of focus.

One integral asset will not be opening early, the resort's main dining option from celebrity TV chef Giada De Laurentiis. As work continues on Giada's Italian fused with California restaurant, the official opening day looms a white-knuckle 34 days away.

Giada%204-16-2014%206.jpgGiada [Photo: Bradley Martin]

Still to come are the windows, a faux greenery wall and even a wall sign.

Giada%204-16-2014%203.jpgGiada [Photo: Bradley Martin]

Plus the ceilings.


The flooring.

Giada%204-16-2014%202.jpgGiada [Photo: Bradley Martin]

Any furnishings.

Giada%204-16-2014%205.jpgGiada [Photo: Bradley Martin]

To make best of an enviable view, the restaurant hangs over the Strip making the jutting outpost a new destination for tourists to stick their gum as they head down the adjacent escalator. Graffiti tags have already made their mark on the awnings.
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