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What Mike Minor Is Serving Up on Truck-U Barbeque

Photo: Truck U Barbeque

Mike Minor likes to describe his Truck-U Barbeque as "meat candy on wheels." The former executive chef at Border Grill debuted his rolling "urban hipster" barbecue two weeks ago with a sticky molasses sweet sauce. Call it Mexican food with a Southern twist, all set aboard a tattooed truck designed by HGTV star Luca Paganico. Most items on the menu are in the $10 range. Follow the truck on Twitter here. Here, a look at what Minor's serving up.

Barbecue Tortas
Short Rib Torta
Slow cooked short ribs – Negro Modelo molasses BBQ sauce – Black beans – Guacamole –Coleslaw – Smoke salted fries

Pork Butt Torta
Slow smoked signature pork butt – Ancho honey BBQ aioli – Duck fat fries – Coleslaw- Brioche bun

Chipotle Brisket Torta
Brioche bun – Slow smoked brisket- Chipotle coleslaw – Duck fat fries- Trubbq sauce

More Stuff
Short Rib Enchiladas
Slow smoked short rib- Ancho chocolate mole- Oxacan cheese- shredded lettuce- Sour cream

Mexican Corn Cones
Choclo corn-cotija cheese- chipotle aioli- chili lime butter

Maple Bacon Churros
Homemade churros- maple icing- Nueske's bacon bits

Barbecue Tacos (2)
Short Rib Tacos
Slow smoked beef short ribs – Cheese grits – Habanero BBQ sauce – Charred tomato relish

Blackened Catfish
BBQ aioli-Citrus cabbage slaw- Guacamole – Charred corn relish

Fried Chicken Tacos
Honey chipotle fried chicken- Creamed corn- Coleslaw- Chipotle aioli

Pork Belly Tacos
Crispy pork belly-Cowboy beans – Habanero BBQ – Citrus cabbage slaw – Pork cracklins

Wagyu Beef Tacos
Serrano BBQ spiced Wagyu steak- Guacamole- Onions cilantro- Caramelized BBQonions

BBQ Pork Tacos
Slow smoked pork- Flour tortilla- Honey chipotle slaw – BBQ aioli

Barbeque Brisket
Slow smoked brisket – Cowboy beans – smoked Gouda/ Monterrey jack – Oaxacan BBQ sauce – Cole slaw - duck fat fries

Chipotle Fried Chicken
Crispy fried chicken – Creamy cheese grits – Trucku sauce – Cole slaw

Burnt End's and Fries
Slow smoked burnt ends- Oaxacan BBQ aioli – cole slaw – Monterey jack - Duck fat fries

Crispy Ribeye and Roasted Chilies
Garlic crusted crispy rib eye – Duck fat fries- Roasted Serrano chilies- Chipotle aioli - Mexican cheeses - Onions and cilantro

Barbecue Fries
Short Rib
Slow smoked short ribs– Hand cut fries– Blue cheese- BBQ sauce– Caramelized onions– Bacon- Chipotle aoili

BBQ Pork
Hand cut duck fat fries– Crispy BBQ pork belly– Chorizo cheese sauce– Caramelized jalapeños– Sunny-side egg– Smoked Chile aioli – Crispy bacon
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