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17 Things You Need To Know About Giada's Restaurant

[Renderings: Caesars Entertainment]

Here's some more information on Giada, the first restaurant from pint-sized Food Network star Giada De Laurentiis that opens June 4 at The Cromwell. De Laurentiis plans to put her California spin on Italian fare for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as in-room dining, where in the past she said she would answers the phones herself to hear what guests are ordering. Here now, 17 new pieces of information on the restaurant.

1. De Laurentiis picked out every piece of dishware in the restaurant.

2. De Laurentiis and her husband Todd Thompson worked with Studio Collective in Los Angeles for the overall design of the restaurant.

3. The restaurant features seven custom 12-foot by 10-foot remote-controlled hydraulic windows on the terrace to bring an al fresco experience.

4. She apparently sat in every chair to test them out. "I need to know how narrow, how wide, how sturdy they are. If I don't sit in each chair, how am I going to know?" she says in a press release.

5. Artwork includes favorites from the De Laurentiis' personal collection.

6. The tiles used De Laurentiis found during her travels, although the press release couldn't narrow down where in the world she found it.

7. Guests first enter the bar and lounge space to find a custom antipasti bar, which includes separate pizza and bread ovens and a pasta stand where chefs will roll homemade pasta.

8. The antipasti bar itself has a hammered brass bar face and a Carrara gold marble countertop with floating glass display shelves supported with brass fittings from the vaulted ceiling overhead.

9. The back wall features marble slabs.

10. There will also be an open kitchen.

11. Cut outs in the back bar give diners a different view into the kitchen.

12. The entryway features a hand-blown, rose gold tinted chandelier.

13. Rose gold can also be seen on the dishware.

14. It also lines the custom-made dessert cart.

15. Family portraits and movie posters from De Laurentiis' grandfather, Dino De Laurentiis' career line the walls.

16. Several of the specialty cocktails are named after movies her grandfather produced, such as the Jane Fonda classic Barbarella. No word on whether those thigh-high white boots are included.

17. She also created a special phone number for locals to call for information on the restaurant and to make reservations — 702-667-1799.


UPDATE: Giada herself tweeted Eater Vegas with some updates. "In room dining will not be branded & the tiles are from Modena," she tweeted.
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