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Joey Bag a Donuts Got Your Baked Goods Right Here

Joey Bag a Donuts
Joey Bag a Donuts
Photos: Joey Bag a Donuts/Loopnet

Step aside, Las Vegas vegan doughnut fad. The era of googly eyed donuts grows closer. Joey Bag a Donuts, the Charleston, S.C.-based franchise, is heading to the Lone Mountain plaza strip mall, surrounded by neighbors Little Caesars Pizza, Baskin Robbins and Roberto's Taco Shop. The family-focused concept is based on providing a range of Italian-inspired baked goods and a commitment to keeping sugar attached to breakfast treats. This would be their first West Coast destination.

Their doughnut menu extends to 50 possibilities created by "Bakery Artisans" and includes "pretty sprinkle," worms, bears, "ying yang," "pink with confetti," Bavarian Long Johns, and a full range of googly eye creations. Custom designs are also encouraged.

Daily baked choices also include bagels, muffins, breakfast sandwiches, strombolis and a range of teas and coffees. The Joey Bag a Donuts name derives from East Coast Italian-American slang for a generic, unnamed individual or a big boned gentleman.
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Joey Bag a Donuts

4810 W. Lone Mountain Rd., Las Vegas, NV