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Firefly in Henderson Gets 38 SNHD Demerits; Petition Started To Close Business

Photo: Firefly

A Southern Nevada Health District inspection of Firefly Tapas Kitchen & Bar at 11261 S. Eastern Ave. in Henderson ended with 38 demerits, a C grade, on March 31, and now a petition has launched to close all three locations of Firefly.

Last year, the original Firefly on Paradise Road was shuttered by SNHD after a salmonella outbreak made 294 people ill. SNHD found chorizo to be the cause of the outbreak. That location closed and moved north.

Back in May, owner John Simmons released a statement that in part said, "We've hired a food safety consultant with over 30 years of experience to double and triple check our methods and we'll operate in the mode of continuous improvement, constantly upgrading our practices with new technology, new methods, and additional training."


SNHD inspectors found spoiled food, employees not washing their hands, food unprotected from potential contamination, an inadequate number of hand washing sinks and more during the routine inspection on March 31.

The restaurant has earned two B grades and mostly A grades at other SNHD inspections dating back to 2012.

The petition on calls for the closure of Firefly.

We, the undersigned petitioners, respectfully request that Firefly no longer be allowed to practice business in the Las Vegas market at any of their current or future locations. The company has a repeated history of health code violations, most notably the April 2013 salmonella incident which occurred nearly two years after the same location was cited and closed in 2011 for similar poor health and food handling practices. Enough is enough. On March 31 of 2014 the company has once again received violations resulting in a "C" valuation with 38 demerits at its Eastern location. It's clear the owners, management, and employees of these establishments do not care about the well being of their patrons. We respectfully request that all locations be closed permanently.

So far, only 10 people have signed the petition.

As for Firefly, the owners are converting the original location at 3900 Paradise Road into Imperial Tacos & Beer.
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Firefly Tapas Kitchen & Bar

11261 S. Eastern Ave., Henderson, NV