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David Burke Has Vague Plans for a Vegas Expansion

Could David Burke, the Chicago restauranteur with his David in the Box at MacCarran International Airport, really be considering a true bricks and mortar space right here in Las Vegas? Crain's Chicago says yes indeedy, he is.

The chef who just last year appeared on Top Chef Masters says he's stepping away from his Watershed Ventures LLC, the holding company of David Burke Group that oversees Burke in the Box, yet will retain 50 percent ownership. Instead, he's focusing on Chew on This Enterprises LLC, where he "plans to open three to five restaurants in the next couple of years."

What could that mean for Vegas, where a concept "is among those in the works?" Well, pretty much anything from "fine dining to fast casual, with locations in urban, high-traffic areas such as airports, hotels and office buildings." Or, anything.
· In New Venture, David Burke Plans More Restaurants [Crains Chicago]
David Burke [Photo: Facebook]