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Gamblers General Store Rolls Dice on Restaurant

 Gamblers General Store
Gamblers General Store
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Chips, dice and juice will take on whole new meanings if the Gamblers General Store gets their wish to add a 746-square-foot restaurant to their legendary gambling products store in the Arts District.

Allan Silberstang, also known as gambling expert and author Avery Cardoza and owner of the Gamblers Book Club housed inside the store, is the force behind the concept. While details are currently scant, Silberstang recently created a business license for an entity named Gambler's Cafe.

The General store stocks more than 15,000 gambling products from cards, dice, poker chips and casino memorabilia to full size casino gaming machines and tables. Plus thousands of related subject books.

This neighborhood received a financial shot in the arm last month with the City Council approval of a $13 million beautification project, partially focused on the land directly right outside the General Store's front door. Bike lanes and new sidewalks and trees will be added to encourage new businesses and visitors to the area.
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Gambler's Cafe

800 S. Main St., Las Vegas, NV