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Reviews of District One, Ramen Tatsu and More

Al Mancini says District One Kitchen & Bar is "Chinatown's newest star." He recommends the $1 oysters, beef and lemongrass wrapped in betel leaves, patties of seasoned ground beef served on lemongrass skewers or raw yellowtail tacos "served on gyoza wrapper shells." Also of note, the quarter-pound lobster pho. His only disappointing dish was the Vietnamese beef "carpaccio." "The cooked meat was unappealing to look at and difficult to eat, and it really wasn't very appetizing." [VS]

Michael Uzmann checks out Truffles n Bacon Cafe and recommends any of the baked goods, especially the bread pudding. He says the bread pudding was seared to caramelized and served with vanilla custard. He called it one of the best desserts in the city. No grade. [EE]

Ramen Tatsu should be on your dining radar, at least according to Brock Radke. He recommends the karaage ("I'm ready to name it the city's best"), the special spicy tonkotsu with a habañero sauce and the curry ramen. [LVW]

Las Cazuelas, the counter-service restaurant specializing in cuisine from Puebla, Mexico, was given a no grade review by HKR, although she does note, "Tex-Mex, Las Cazuelas most emphatically is not; excellent, it emphatically is." [LVRJ]
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District One Kitchen & Bar [Photo: Facebook]

District One Kitchen & Bar

3400 S. Jones Blvd., Las Vegas, NV