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Yusho One of the 'Smartest' New Restaurants on the Strip

Photo: Jenna Dosch

Yusho, Matthias Merges' new Japanese street food joint at the front of the Monte Carlo, has been getting rave reviews for his creative izakaya fare. Both weeklies posted positive reviews of the restaurant. Al Mancini says he's "already eaten my way through a sizeable chunk of the menu, and I've generally been very impressed."

He recommends the chub sausage steam buns and the octopus with haricot vert, egg yolk and enoki mushrooms, as well as the chicken "drummies" with red miso and the fried chicken skins with beer mustard, honey and togarashi.

For ramen, he recommends the "Monster Ramen, which combines all three of the available broths with shrimp and crispy pork."

"Among all of the new Strip-front dining options opening up and down Las Vegas Boulevard, Yusho is one of the smartest I've seen."

Erin Ryan is for some reason writing food reviews now (never fear, it remains just as positive as anything else in Las Vegas Weekly). She recommends starting with the house pickles ("The flavor's sweet sting will prime your tongue for experimentation."), the deconstructed chicken wings ("juicy, smoky, fall-apart heaven") and the Griddle Cake ("I like to think this is what happens when a great chef Frankensteins a meal at 3 a.m.").
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Yusho Japanese Grill & Noodle House

3770 S Las Vegas Blvd, Paradise, NV 89109 702-730-7777 Visit Website


3770 Las Vegas Blvd. S., Las Vegas, NV