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Revealed: Full Menu, Prices for Giada at The Cromwell

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Giada_6-1-2014.jpgGiada menu [Photo: Facebook]

It took weeks of delays, at least $6 million in construction costs and whole lot of flashing of a megawatt TV celebrity smile, but Giada is finally ready to debut. The first restaurant from the TV star chef Giada De Laurentiis, opening tomorrow night at The Cromwell, features views of the Strip, a pizza oven, a full custom antipasti bar and long menu elegantly encased in a white leather binder.

The menu thoughtfully tags Giada's favorite dishes along with those of her aunt Raffy and also her maternal grandfather, the late film producer Dino De Laurentiis. A hint at what you should order might be found in the tasting menu given to friends and family before opening. After antipasti, Giada offered a choice of pea tortellini or lemon spaghetti with shrimp or vegetable Bolognese. The main dish choices she gave to early diners were Sicilian roasted lamb, seared salmon with summer succotash or farrotto with fava beans and morels, plus smashed potatoes and sweet corn with spicy Italian sausage as the chosen sides.

Highlights listed by Giada include the $42 seven-ounce filet with salsa verde and crispy polenta and the $55 whole chicken for two served cacciatore style. Not included on the menu, the evolving offerings on the rose gold dessert cart.

Depending on your state of mind, you might consider the phonetically spelled out pasta dishes listed on the menu either an aide to correctly order in a fun manner, or an unwitting move to treating you like a child in a restaurant offering a very adult priced $68 rib eye.

Giada%206-2-2014.jpgGiada [Photo: Bradley Martin]

Pasta e Fagioli with ditalini, cannellini & parmigiano-reggiano $9
Artichoke Soup with mint, tomato & focaccia croutons $11

Arugula candied lemon, crispy pancetta & parmigiano reggiano $14
Romaine torn croutons, fried capers & citrus caesar vinaigrette $14
Tricolore gorgonzola, dates, walnuts & prosciutto $16

Spaghetti (Spah-geh-tee) shrimp, lemon & basil $28
Bucatini (Boo-kah-tee-nee) Calabrian chili pomodoro & fresh ricotta $24
Rigatoni (ree-gah-TOH-neh) vegetable Bolognese $26
Risotto (ree-ZOHT-oh) crab & scallops $30
Lasagna (lah-ZAHN-eeah) sweet Italian sausage $26
Tortellini (tohr-teh-LEE-nee) pea pesto, pancetta & mint $26
Ravioli (rah-VEEOH-lee) lobster, asparagus, tips & tarragon $34
Farrotto (fah-ROH-toh) morel mushrooms, fava beans & pecorini tartufo $26

28oz Bone-in Tuscan rib-eye finished with lemon, a sunny side up egg & arugula $68
7oz Filet with salsa verde & crispy polenta $42
Veal chop saltimbocca style $43
Rack of lamb, mustard crusted with spinach, raisons & herbed gremolata $45
Branzino, with tangerine vinaigrette $34
Salmon, pan roasted with summer succotash &whole grain mustard $37
Porter house for two with blistered tomatoes & roasted herbs $78
Whole roasted chicken for two, cacciatore style $55

Peas, parsley, pancetta & pecorino $10
Charred asparagus & lemon ricotta $11
Crispy polenta with checca sauce $8
Lemon potatoes, smashed & fried $8
Sweet corn & spicy sausage $10

Antipasto & Pizzetta Bar


Marinated Olives with herbs & citrus $8
Grilled Broccoli Rabe with calabrian chili vinaigrette $11
Caponata with balsamic & toasted pinenuts $8
Wood Roasted Mushrooms with toasted marcona almonds & ricotta salata $13
Baby Artichokes two ways with lemon basil aioli $12
Peperonata with caper berries & macadamia nuts $8
Zucchini scapece style with spun golden potatoes pomodoro $10
Tre Fagioli with green, yellow, edamame & toasted fregola $11
Baby Sweet Peppers with goat cheese & olive tapenade $12
Cipollini onions, agrodolce style $8
Rollatini ricotta stuffed eggplant & pomodoro $12


Orzo Meatballs with parmesan pomodoro $13
Chicken Marsala Meatballs with roasted wild mushrooms $14
Bacon Wrapped Dates with spicy Italian sausage & gorgonzola crema $13


Citrus Marinated Calamari salad with sundried tomatoes & olives $14
Lobster Arancini with calabrian chili pomodoro & basil aioli $18
Charred Octopus with potato, fennel & olive salsa $15
Crispy Oysters Rockafeller with baby spinach bread crumbs & pancetta vinaigrette $16
Fritto Misto shrimp & calamari with shaved fennel & lemon aioli $13
Clams Casino with herbed bread crumbs & crispy prosciutto $14
Mascarpone & Tarragon Shrimp Scampi with crispy polenta $17
Oyster Crudo with prosecco mignonette $16


Mozzarella wWith citrus chili pesto $11
Burrata with balsamic salt $12
Pecorino Tartufo with apricot preserves $15
Gorgonzola Dolce with raw pear honey $13
Fiore Sardo with quince preserves $11
Taleggio with golden raisin & olive tapenade $11
Parmigiano-Reggiano with wild-sage honey $13
Robiola piemontese with fig conserve $11

Salumi Crudo (served with pickled grapes & a duo of mustards)

Bresaola salty, peppery, air dried, beef $13
Prosciutto San Daniele buttery, salty & sweet, pork $17
Finocchiona fennel, pork $12
Cacciatore Tartufo buttery with aromas of truffle, pork $15
Coppa peppery, spicy & nutty, pork $12
Calabrese spicy calabrian chili, the original pepperoni, pork, $12


Fresh Ricotta honey, lemon & pink peppercorn $11
Tomato & Strawberry Jam, feta & mint $11
Pea Pesto prosciutto san daniele $14
Vitello Tonnato veal loin, seared tuna, caper aioli $15
White anchovies caesar-gremolata butter $10


Mortadella pizza bianca $11
Wood Roasted Mushrooms baby kale, gorgonzola dolce $12
Margherita herb roasted Roma tomatoes, basil & mozzarella $10
Salume Picante mozzarella, tomato & oregano $13
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