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Eva Longoria Blames Crystals for SHe by Morton's Closure

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SHe by Morton's and Eva Longoria
SHe by Morton's and Eva Longoria
Photo: Chelsea McManus and Twitter

Actress Eva Longoria wants you to know that the Southern Nevada Health District shutdown of SHe by Morton's in April was not what led to the demise and ultimate shutter of her steakhouse at Crystals. She blames the swanky shopping center for the ultimate end to the restaurant.

Just to be clear, the steakhouse in Vegas DID NOT close for health violations. We had an "A" rating at time of closure. People should read more carefully. SHe Las Vegas was originally concepted as a nightlife entertainment venue. Since the closing of the nightclub venue, we have been met with considerable resistance from our Landlord to re-concept the nightlife theme which impacted our ability to deliver on our guests' experience.

In April, the restaurant was shut down by the Southern Nevada Health District after a re-inspection found 21 demerits.

The steakhouse originally opened as Beso Steakhouse and shuttered to make way for the partnership between Landry's and Longoria. She Nightclub closed after seven weeks in operation in February 2013.

Last word on a future tenant for the space had Jonathan Fine, who is behind PBR Rockbar at the Miracle Mile Shops and Rockhouse at the Palazzo, making an offer for a different concept for the restaurant.
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