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Take a Look at the Vision for Shake Shack at NY-NY

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Future location of Shake Shack
Future location of Shake Shack
Photo: Bradley Martin

The thorough destruction of New York-New York's former sports bar The Sporting House is now in full swing, preparing for the creation of the 24-hour Tom's Urban casual restaurant and the long-awaited arrival of Shake Shack to the the Strip.

The famed New York-based burger chain will feature a patio with views of Las Vegas Boulevard, the resort's replica Brooklyn Bridge and side views of MGM Resorts International's forthcoming $100 million Park project leading to the eventual arrival of the new 20,000 seat MGM - AEG Arena.

Shake%20Shack%206-30-2014%206.jpgShake Shack [Rendering: MGM Resorts International]

The interior will feature chairs and booths to be constructed from "lumber certified by the Forest Stewardship Council" and tabletops built from "reclaimed bowling alley lanes." Kitchen equipment and lighting will be energy-efficient and "all electric usage will be offset through renewable. energy credits."

An exclusive, Vegas-only "selection of rich and creamy frozen custard concretes" will join the classic menu of all-natural burgers, "flat-top dogs," beer and wine.

Shake%20Shack%206-30-2014%204.jpgShake Shack [Rendering: MGM Resorts International]

A very, very prominent long blade sign is planned above the Shack, a change from original released renderings that nestled the restaurant into a plot surrounded by trees.

Shake%20Shack%206-30-2014%205.jpgShake Shack [Rendering: MGM Resorts International]

A few dozen steps inside the New York-New York, at their Village Streets Manhattan themed dining district currently sits the Broadway Burger Bar and Grill, an unlikely candidate for survival once the Shack is up and running.

Shake%20Shack%206-30-2014%207.jpgOriginal plan for Shake Shack [Rendering: MGM Resorts International]

Originally planned as a stand-alone venture occupying the former CityCenter sales offices, current renderings and a promotional video used extensively by local media still show the original location and exterior design.

Shake%20Shack%206-30-2014%202.jpgShake Shack [Rendering: MGM Resorts International]

While MGM resorts are confident of a December 2014 debut, a recent official response on the Shake Shack Instagram page, "it's looking like the Vegas Shack will open very late this year, or the beginning of next year."
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Shake Shack

3790 Las Vegas Blvd. S., Las Vegas, NV