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Muscle Maker Grill to Beef Up Centennial

The Muscle Maker Grill franchise, much loved by body builders and health food fans, is bringing their first Nevada location to a former dentist office in Centennial.

Located within the same shopping complex as Novecento Pizzeria and Cafe Rio Mexican Grill, Muscle Maker specializes in salads, wraps, "power pastas," "guiltless entrees" and low carb menu choices.

They serve "USDA Grass Fed Beef," "All Natural Chicken," plus 42g protein shakes and all nutritional information for each menu item is explained.

While body builders remain a core part of their clientele, the more than 200 locations cater to vegetarians, carb-free guests and those on gluten-free diet. This will be their first location in Las Vegas.
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Muscle Maker Grill [Photo: Instagram]

Muscle Maker Grill

5765 Centennial Center Blvd., Las Vegas, NV