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Updated: Hakkasan Host Tells Bachelorette Party, No 'Hippos' or 'Whales'

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Ouch. Jezebel has a complete text conversation from a VIP host at Hakkasan and a woman trying to organize a bachelorette party at the club at the MGM Grand. Right off the bat, the host asks for photos of all 15 girls in the party, or at least access to their Instagram accounts. When the woman says she doesn't have photos of everyone, things turn ugly.

"We're not going to give comped tables they are with 850 a bottle total"

"To random girls"

"Then the club will be filled with hippos"

"That's not what Hakkasan is about"

And later, "We don't comp anything ugly"

It just keeps getting worse. Even after the woman says she's not interested, the host continues to goad her.

"So if you don't know them, how do you know they're not whales or hippos?"

The host, whose name is "Phillip," goes on to tell her that he's from Massachusetts and he knows that girls don't hit the gym there. "So it's going to be hard for all 15 girls to be all 9-10." He also suggests that she can "ditch the whales" once she's inside.

Hakkasan, as one can imagine, is not pleased. When reached for comment, a spokesperson responds:

Hakkasan Group prides ourselves on providing our guests with an unmatched level of customer service. The statements made by this individual, who has since been terminated from the company, do not represent our corporate policy or our views. This type of attitude and communication is totally unacceptable, and while we cannot control every piece of communication between our thousands of staff and guests, we will not tolerate anything less than impeccable customer service.

From that, it appears that the text conversation did happen and the host was an employee of Hakkasan, at least until the Jezebel article appeared.

Jezebel includes several screenshots of email messages from other Angel Management Group-owned clubs including LAX saying that a group photo must be included for women to get a comped table. It also appears that if a group of guys wants a table, they have to pay a $4,000 table minimum in bottle service. No photos necessary.

As Jezebel writer Erin Gloria Ryan says, "What kind of a piss-poor excuse for a zoo is this!?!"

Updated: The employee has been suspended pending investigation into the matter.
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