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AnyThyme Catering's Amanda Hogan and Her Handbag

Welcome to On the Racked, where Racked Vegas editor Susan Stapleton shares the top fashion and retail news of the week. Keep up with Racked Vegas by signing up for the newsletter, coming out twice a week.

Amanda Hogan-with handbag.jpgAmanda Hogan [Photo: Jenna Dosch]

SUMMERLIN — AnyThyme Catering chef and owner Amanda Hogan shares the contents of her handbag, a treasure she found on a trip to Rome.

THE STRIP — This dry weather is reason enough to book a facial. Here, six great facials that will soothe your weather-worn skin.

PLANET HOLLYWOOD RESORT — Dying for some inside scoop on Britney Spears' costumes? She likes to wear Skechers and has them bedazzled for dancing. That and seven other insights, right this way.

LUXOR — Fantasy lead singer Jaime Lynch considers herself somewhat of a vintage buff. She shares some of her finds and how she pairs them with modern outfits.

LAS VEGAS — Anyone in the fashion industry in Vegas knows stylist Christie Moeller. Find out how she got her start, her amazing tips for new models and more.
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