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GlutenZero Bakery To Cater To Allergy Sufferers' Needs

The number of local business catering to food allergy sufferers continues to rise and GlutenZero Bakery has a direct interest in making sure their products will keep you healthy.

Owner Clairssa Parry has Celiac disease herself, assuring her new bakery won't serve any item that wouldn't be safe for her, like their signature bread suitable for "Celiac's, Diabetic's, Autistics, and egg allergies/Vegans."

Aiming for a Nov. 1 debut, the bright, 2,700-square-foot corner spot is located a few steps from a Subway in the Scottsdale Plaza commercial center.

In addition to a full roster of cupcakes and cookies, early menu plans include a daily soup, pepperoni pizza cupcakes, chicken enchiladas and chicken alfredo.

Breakfast dishes proposed include "Breakfast Style Cupcakes," like the breakfast burrito and the "Egg Strata."

Gluten free dessert options will include carrot, German chocolate and coconut cream cakes, ice creams and candies and eventually expand into full Gluten-Zero meals.
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GlutenZero Bakery [Photo: Facebook]

GlutenZero Bakery

8790 S. Maryland Pkwy., Las Vegas, NV