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Star Watch

For David Furnish, creative director of Fizz Las Vegas at Caesars Palace and husband to Sir Elton John, no dining destination would be off-limits for the wealthy couple. But when visiting Las Vegas, with all the possibilities at his feet, where does Furnish like to dine?

He tells the New York Times, "Joe's Stone Crab. They do fantastic seafood. And Greens and Proteins Healthy Kitchen. It's way off the Strip. I'm really conscious about what I eat. You can get a healthy portion of lean protein — bison, turkey — and then you get brown rice and vegetables. Nothing is deep-fried. A lot of acrobats and dancers and people who have to watch their weight go there." [New York Times]
David Furnish & Sir Elton John at Fizz Las Vegas [Photo: David Becker/WireImage]