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Pricey Checkers to Drive-Thru Spring Valley

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Burger franchise Checkers is bringing its third location to Las Vegas and it will cost them a pretty penny.

Developing a plot of land on the Jones side of the Tropicana Centre retail complex, the 1,974-square-foot restaurant has penciled a super-sized $515,000 for construction.

For that investment, the company will create a Checkers, an outside dining patio and a drive-thru set-up, a staple of the 800-unit Checker's empire that also goes by the name Rally's in select parts of the country.

Their two other Las Vegas locations, one across from Boulder Station casino and one on Rancho Drive, are locally owned and known for value deals and "secretly seasoned" fries.
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Checkers [Photo: Checkers Company]


4855 S. Jones Blvd., Las Vegas NV