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The County Fair with Funnel Cakes Arrives Downtown

The County Fair Las Vegas
The County Fair Las Vegas
Photo: Bradley Martin

It's an idea so wrong, but so right for Fremont Street. The former Asada's Tacos take-out joint across from The D Las Vegas has been replaced with very little effort by The County Fair Las Vegas, serving the snacks you covet at a state fair midway and with a calorie count as high as the temperature in the deep fat fryers.

Downtown visitors have long been able to purchase deep fried Twinkies and Oreos at Mermaid's Casino a few blocks away, but The County Fair takes it to the next level. Think funnel cakes, bacon wrapped corn dogs, corn on the cob and even their own version of fried Twinkie goodness. This new concept with a makeshift sign and advertising has debuted with an indeterminate opening hour schedule.

The%20County%20Fair%20Las%20Vegas%209-16-2014%202.jpgThe County Fair Las Vegas [Photo: Bradley Martin]

Funnel cakes $5.50
Deep fried churros $3.50
Bacon wrapped all-beef dogs $4
Chili cheese fries $5.50
Fresh baked cookies and brownies $3
Deep fried Oreos $5
Hand dipped corn dogs $3.50
Garlic cheese fries $5.50
Dryers Gourmet Ice Cream $2.50
Deep fried Twinkies 2 for $5
Bacon wrapped corn dogs $5
Corn on the cob $3.50
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The County Fair Las Vegas

318 Fremont St., Las Vegas, NV