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Wahlburgers Las Vegas to Transform Vegas Burger Wars

The Wahlberg boys are rumored to bring their Boston Wahlburgers — along with the TV show — to Las Vegas.

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Move over Mario Batali, Bobby Flay and even In-N-Out Burger, the Wahlberg family wants to be the new kids on the highly competitive Vegas burger block. A current casting call is seeking talent to work at the forthcoming "Wahlburgers Las Vegas," not only as restaurant staff and but also as the latest inhabitants of reality TV.

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Run by executive chef Paul Wahlberg and brothers Mark and Donnie Wahlberg, the famed family turned their Hingham, Mass., burger joint into a huge hit on its own merits, but was put over the top as the focus of the A&E network's Wahlburgers TV show, now in its second season. The new venture hints that it wants to create a cast of characters set to rival Vegas' own Pawn Stars.

The Wahlburgers Las Vegas hiring pitch explains, "we are looking for interesting characters who will fit in with the family business, just like friends and family members of the Wahlburgers team." And don't worry if you aren't skilled in the art of burger flipping, "experience in the restaurant/bar industry is preferred, but not necessary."

If you'd like to hang out with stars of stage, screen and TV while serving barbecue bacon burgers and tater tots, you'll need to provide a recent head shot and a short biography "that will give us a good idea of your personality and what you can bring to the table — or TV Show."

The original Wahlburgers debuted in 2011 and the concept is now overseen by CEO Rick Vanzura, previously with the Panera chain. Current aggressive expansion plans for Wahlburgers include heading to Philadelphia with five franchises, "several more" in Boston and an eye on Canada.

Their menu includes burgers, melts and salads and Wahlfaves like the O.F.D. (Originally from Dorchester) composed with a "8 oz. beef patty, housemade tomato jam, bacon, swiss cheese & sauteed mushroom, topped with Paul's signature wahl sauce."

No location has yet been concretely revealed, so if you have the inside intel, let us know. All tips are welcome. You can even tip anonymously here.
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