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New Zealand's Urban Turban Finds Their Vegas Chef in India

The India restaurant brings a famous Indian chef to Vegas.

Chef Vijay Deokar
Chef Vijay Deokar

Urban Turban is full of surprises. Not content with expanding to Las Vegas all the way from Auckland, New Zealand, the forthcoming Bombay street food restaurant traveled to Pune, India, to find their chef.

Vijay Deokar will be heading up the culinary team, with a resume of more than two decades of experience, time spent judging cooking shows on Indian TV and a recent placement as executive chef of the Oakwood Premier Pune hotel.

Urban Turban will fill 4,445 square feet within The Park At 3900 Commercial Center, taking over the former International Vintage Wine Cellar and the Havana Cigar Bar.

In New Zealand, Urban Turban occupies a waterfront location serving twists on Indian dishes inspired by the flavors of Bombay, with tapas style choices and their Vegas-appropriate "bottomless curries."

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